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Talent Concept

Enterprises rely on talent development, and talents are the most valuable wealth of enterprises. Strive to realize common development of talents and enterprises.

Recruitment Post

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Job category


  • Place of work

    European Region

  • Issuing date

    Oct 15 ,2019

  • Open

Job description

1. Responsible for formulating and implementing annual sales plan, marketing strategy and brand promotion strategy according to the company’s business objectives;

2. Track and analyze the market development trend of household appliance industry, organize and implement product marketing plan, market research and marketing promotion, etc;

3. Organize and implement joint promotions with customers;

4. Responsible for E-commerce business management, E-commerce market analysis, sales management and target achievement.

  • Senior Manager of New Media Operation

  • Job category


  • Place of work


  • Issuing date

    Aug 30 ,2019

  • Open

Job description

1. Plan and formulate the company’s overseas new media operation strategy and implement related promotional activities;

2. Participate in the company’s overall brand, product marketing planning and marketing promotion;

3. Responsible for standardized operation of social media accounts of overseas subsidiaries;

4. Responsible for construction and daily maintenance of overseas official websites;

5. Expand and maintain overseas media resources relationship network, and establish media resources archives.


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